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With a growing number of cars on the roads, your drive to work, especially during the morning rush hour, can turn into a nightmare of every driver. Would you prefer to spend an hour before work behind the wheel, losing your temper and intensely watching the road, or carelessly resting in the seat of air-conditioned vehicle, maybe reading a book or preparing yourself for the upcoming meeting – or simply sleeping? The choice is easy, right? Contractual transport – the safer and cheaper way of commuting
Mjesečne karte_1124For companies and organizations: We offer specially arranged contractual transport for your staff and members in a time period and at routes you choose

Whether you’re a big or a small company, a manufacturing or a service company, with a shiftwork or not, a hospital, a bank or a school, your staff travel to and from work daily. We are able to offer you and your workers an affordable, safe and punctual transport from home to work, fully adapted to your needs and desires.

If your working hours and geographical structure of your employees are not compatible to our existing bus departures, we suggest you to choose a specially arranged contracted transport for your employees who travel to work. In this case, the starting and destination places, frequency of rides, bus departures, vehicle capacities (9-74 seats) are completely customized to your needs.

Contractual bus services is cheaper for your business than paying travel costs to your employees, not to mention that your employees come to work at time, enjoying a comfortable and safe driving. 

Advantages of public transport
Traffic jams, air pollution, increased fuel consumption, the problem of parking spaces – these are the struggling problems of big cities and developed countries related to traffic “booms”. The public passenger transport is definitely one of solutions to these problems.

Did you know that a car dropps into the atmosphere up to 3 times more greenhouse gases per passenger than a bus? (Source: ADEME -Agency for Environment and Energy Management).
In addition, a bus with 50 passengers creates incomparably less crowds on the roads than 30 or even 50 cars, not to mention saves non-renewable energy sources. When it comes to parking costs, did you know that individual´car spend 95% of their time parked and cost their owners an average of €6.000 a year?

Furthermore, using public transportation reduces the likelihood of participation in a traffic accident. Also remember that professional drivers take care of your safety.

Every employer is obliged to provide to its employees the possibility of a safe and accurate arrival to and from work. Most of the employers still choose the more expensive way of providing transportation to the workers, by paying them travel costs in addition to the salaries.

We offer two different options for significant savings in travel costs of employees:

  • ● purchase of discounted monthly tickets for our existing bus lines, or
  • ● contracted transport of your employees on the routes and in time you specify.

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