Monthly tickets with special discounts

We offer a purchase of monthly tickets including preferential privileges and benefits to your company and employees. Depending on the quantity and the financial amount of purchased monthly tickets (for existing Panturist bus lines), we give special discounts!

Women travellingMake sure that your employees travel to work in a safe, accurate and comfortable way, and at the same time – save your company money paid for travel expenses by purchasing monthly tickets at discounted prices.

Even when you buy an individual monthly ticket – you save money!
For example, if you daily commute on the route Bizovac – Osijek – Bizovac, you make 40 km a day. Monthly average is 22 working days, which means that you make 880 km per month (22 days x 40 km). If you consider the average fuel consumption of 8.50 l/100 km, that means that you monthly spend 74.8 liters of fuel. 
If we multiply the consumption with an average fuel price of 8.50 HRK per liter, we get a monthly fuel cost of around 636 HRK.
Our monthly ticket on the same route costs 440 HRK. In addition, you get a bonus – a monthly ticket for city transport in Osijek! 
Using public transportation you can save at least 200 HRK per month. Annual savings is 2.400 HRK. When we include the cost of parking, depreciation, maintenance, vehicle registration, your savings would be much bigger.

In big companies, where there´s a significant number of commuters, the cost of travel expenses paid for that purpose may also be significant. Just like the savings that can be achieved by buying our discounted monthly tickets.

What´s in it for you?
  • Significant savings in staff travel costs by purchasing a monthly ticket with a discount, which we would agree at a meeting.
  • Savings in travel costs for falsely reported residence place of your staff (practice has shown that there are people who falsely report their residence solely for the purpose of getting paid for the travel costs. It is needless to say this practice is against the low. By purchasing our monthly tickets, you will eliminate such cases because a monthly ticket is non-transferable and can not be cashed).
Monthly tickets with special discounts
Save in staff travel allowance costs: As a company, you can buy monthly tickets for your workers at special prices and with great discounts!

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