Terms and conditions of Internet sales of tickets



These General Terms and Conditions for online ticket sales determine the terms and conditions based on which the sales service provider, Panturist d.d. (hereinafter: Panturist), will provide ticket sale services through its website www.panturist.hr. Panturist enables the user of online bus ticket sales (hereinafter: User) to get an overview of bus routes, scheduled departure times and prices prior to ticket purchase.

Through Panturist website, bus tickets can be purchased 24 hours a day, on domestic and international routes. Ticket purchase is available only if the “Buy” button is displayed upon selecting a particular route.


Online ticket purchase is possible without prior registration in the online sales system. In such case, the online sales system requires the User to enter the following personal data prior to purchase: name and surname, e-mail address and security code.

By purchasing a ticket through the website www.panturist.hr, the User declares he/she agrees to these General Terms and Conditions.



Payment can be made via Maestro, MasterCard, Visa or American credit cards.

After successful ticket purchase, the User receives a purchase confirmation e-mail, which needs to be printed out. The printed purchase confirmation e-mail is accepted as a valid ticket.

Purchase confirmation is also an invoice. If the User wishes to have the original invoice issued in company name, Panturist will subsequently issue such an invoice at the User’s request.



4.1. Purchase Safety

As a means to ensure protection, storage and transmission of data, Panturist uses the 128-bit SSL certificate, issued by an authorised company.

Credit card protection and processing services are operated by the bank that offers its clients this type of payment.


 4.2. Personal Data Protection

Panturist shall use the provided personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, and shall not disclose them to any unauthorised third parties. Panturist is allowed to collect and store the User’s personal data, if the User voluntarily provides his/her personal data when making an online purchase. Panturist shall use the User’s personal data exclusively in order to fulfil contractual obligations and ensure a better recognition and understanding of the User’s specific needs. Panturist may record and collect data associated with the IP address of the online sales system User, for the purpose of system administration, problem troubleshooting, purchase confirmation or improvement of the technical aspects of the online sales system.

Panturist does not record credit card numbers.

Data protection is the responsibility of the User as well. He/she is also required to safeguard the confidentiality of the user name and password, if they were provided, and to use an antivirus software for computer protection.


5.1. Duties of Panturist

Panturist undertakes to act pursuant to legal regulations in force. Panturist shall provide high quality sales services in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and in line with the standards applied in this type of sales.

Panturist has developed a system for receiving customer complaints, as well as a system for providing additional information and explanations. The e-mail address panturist@panturist.hr may be used for such purpose. Processing of complaints is a confidential procedure.

5.2. Duties of the User

When entering the bus, the User is required to show his/her printed purchase confirmation to the bus driver, as evidence of online ticket purchase.

If the User makes an online purchase of a ticket at a discount, when entering the bus he/she is required to present the driver with evidence that indicates on which grounds he/she has been granted the right to obtain discount. In case the User is unable to provide a proof of his/her right to obtain discount, the driver shall be obligated to charge him/her the difference in price between the discount ticket and the full price ticket (i.e. ticket without the discount).

In case the User has bought an “open-dated” return ticket, he/she is required to book a seat on the bus prior to the return journey.


Panturist shall not be liable if the User misses the bus departure time or loses his/her purchase confirmation.

Panturist shall not be liable if the User provides a wrong e-mail address when making an online ticket purchase.


For tickets purchased online, it is not possible to request a refund or change the date and time of departure. In online ticket purchase, the selection made is final.



Panturist reserves the right to amend these General terms and Conditions without previously notifying the User thereof.

General Terms and Conditions for Bus Transport of Passengers and Cargo of the company Panturist d.d. shall apply to all the matters not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions.


In Osijek, 1 January 2015


For Panturist d.d.

Chairman of the Management Board

Dražen Divjak