Naši ljudi su od vitalnog značaja za naš budući uspjehe i razvoj.

Zaposleni u Panturistu

Našim zaposlenim pružamo:

  • Dugoročnu zaposlenost
  • Mogućnost osposobljavanja i razvoja
  • Sigurno i poticajno radno okruženje
  • Mogućnost pružanja visokokvalitetne usluge lokalnoj zajednici.

Izuzetno cijenimo svoje zaposlene i vodimo se načelima koja su bitna  u našem poslovanju i odnosu prema zaposlenima

•Uvažavamo različitosti i zapošljavmo širok spektar ljudi
•Razvijamo korisna partnerstva sa zaposlenima, sindikatima i radničkim vijećima
•Osiguravamo pozitivno i poticajno radno okruženje s međusobnim uvažavanjem
•Potičemo obostrani angažman zaposlenih
•Istraživanje zadovoljstva zaposlenih putem anketiranja zaposlenika
•Poslovanje Panturista zaposleni prpoznaju kao mogući izbor u ostvarivanju karijere
•Uočavamo, razvijamo i zadržavamo kvalitetan kadar
•Osigurvamo razvojne i obrazovne mogućnosti


Together we are Arriva

Our employees are at the heart of everything we do.  arriva mala

Our employer brand Together we are Arriva describes Arriva as an employer. While we have many autonomous businesses in 14 different countries, there are many ways in which we are connected and there is real strength, value and a competitive advantage to us operating together as a group.

Together we are Arriva  s our promise to all Arriva employees, regardless of which country they operate in, mode of transport they provide, or job they do. We promise to give all our employees a great experience in return for their commitment to Arriva and for doing an excellent job.

arriva velika

You can also read about some of our brand ambassadors in our interactive flip-book.


Video Arriva


Employees structure

Struktura zaposlenih Panturistu

Struktura zaposlenih

U Panturistu na dan 30.04.2013.  ukupan broj zaposlenih  iznosio je 250, od čega je

  • 68% licenciranih vozača,
  • 12% tehničkog osoblje
  • 9% komercijalista
  • 6% uprave
  • 5% indirektnog prometnog osoblja   

Why choose Arriva





Each city, landscape and environment is unique. One already developed solution can so not be effectively implemented on all areas. For this reason, we offer all our customers solutions that are tailored especially to them.

We provide means of transport, services that include everything from cleaning to a variety of convenient stores. Customers can decide for exclusively contract services, while another contractor is responsible for all other activities.

We believe that our flexibility and adaptability, to formulate best solutions for our customers and passengers, as well as for ourselves, make us the best choice.

We strive at all times to offer our customers excellent service.

We adapt to the needs of each individual traveler and do our best to perform services that  surpass all expectations.

Free positions





As our business is not only transporting people, also our buses are not our biggest asset – this are our employees.

Non bus can move without the driver and non passenger can receive help and use our service without all the women and man that work for Arriva Slovenia.

As we are developing our vehicles and services, we know that also our employees need  to develop and improve their knowledge, skils, be motivated and feel that they are an important part of our business.