Environmental Policy

Panturist provides public transport that takes responsibility for the traveller and the environment. Panturist goal is to be the most environmentally conscious public transport entrepreneur in Croatia.

We will work for development of environmentally adapted solutions and continuously work for improvements and preventative actions in order to reduce contamination.

Zeleni PanturistPanturist environmental protection activities / efforts means:

● Improvements focused on our targets groups: fuel, chemicals, water, energy and the handling of waste products. This leads to reduced consumption and reduced discharge.

● Concentration on further education of our employees in order to guarantee involvement and engagement in environmental protection activities/efforts.

● That the business activity follows current legislation regarding environment and other applicable demands.

The environmental protection activities/efforts are a focused and strategically very important field for Panturist and condition for buristeing long term competitive.

We have only one environment – we must take good care of it!

Panturist is committed to

•Raising awareness of corporate responsibility across our business
•Behaving responsibly
•Being a pioneer of climate friendly and environmentally sustainable public transport
•Sharing experiences
•Facilitating the exchange of best practice

Did you know...


that a public transport is in average:

  • 4 times cheaper than a car transport
  • 10 times safer mode of transportation than a car
  • produces 3 times less pollution per transported person
  • occupies 30 times less public space which means less congestion on our roads